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Its OKAY to get divorced

Not all marriages are meant to continue till death do you apart. They can last until you are not happy anymore. Relationships require a lot of work to sustain where having kids keeps your hands occupied, and if you have a job it makes things more challenging, but no matter what, happiness is key. You… Continue reading Its OKAY to get divorced

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3 Strategies to Keep Your Students Waiting for Science Class

It All Starts With The Intro! We’ve all heard how important first impressions are, people say you can only make one first impression. But, the way I see it, you can make a good first impression every time you enter the class. The better you are at that first impression in every session, the more… Continue reading 3 Strategies to Keep Your Students Waiting for Science Class

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The Monsters Under My Bed

I have a few monsters under my bed, and as per my conversations with many female professionals, I’m far from being the only one, in spite of the "I’m a woman, and I fear nothing." almost binding trend. I've always worked with dedication and passion. For years. I did despite all the hardship, the war… Continue reading The Monsters Under My Bed

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How to develop Emotionally Intelligent Children

Feelings and emotions play a massive role in the life and development of our children from the moment they are born and all through their life. Unfortunately, this aspect has been ignored for too long especially in our part of the world. If a toddler throws a tantrum, it is directly associated with discipline. We… Continue reading How to develop Emotionally Intelligent Children

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Top Foods to Help Build a Healthy and Strong Brain in Children

During childhood, the brain grows very fast and requires nutrients more than any other organs in the body. The healthy development of the brain largely depends on the type of food we give to our children. Certain brain foods help in improving brain performance, IQ, memory and concentration - eventually affecting performance. To encourage good… Continue reading Top Foods to Help Build a Healthy and Strong Brain in Children

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Parental Fears

Human beings tend to fear the things they can't control. Parents are especially impacted by this, especially when it comes to their children. Alfred Sacchetti, an emergency room doctor in Camden, New Jersey, and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, says it's common for parents to worry more about their child being abducted… Continue reading Parental Fears

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Quality Time with Your Children

Quality time is crucial for the parent - child relationship and cannot be underestimated. It affects your kid’s self esteem, emotional stability, and character building. You should make sure you consider quality time with your children as a priority, otherwise they will feel neglected and frustrated. You might feel that you don’t have much time… Continue reading Quality Time with Your Children