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Digital Era

In a world full of technology and gadgets of all sorts, parents are struggling when it comes to the challenges they face when raising their “ichildren”. They are the first generation of parents who are experiencing several problems with their tech savvy children in such a digital era.

One very important dilemma present is trying to keep pace with their children when it comes to technology. Children are fast learners and progress rapidly; they are hard opponents to compete with. Many parents complain from their constant struggle to keep up with their kids.

Some parents are also finding trouble realizing how important and essential technology is nowadays. Technology has invaded almost every aspect in our lives. A lot of educational associations and workplaces rely on the internet and smart devices. There is no running away from them, so parents have to acknowledge that reality and deal with it.

Another issue parents are facing is having a hard time protecting their kids from online dangers. Cyber bullying, sexual predators, pornography, and damaged reputations are only some forms of online hazards.

Parents are to pay attention and keep an eye open for any of these especially for children of ages 10 to 18; otherwise, parents may wake up one day to a disaster and wouldn’t know how to rescue their child.

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