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Passing with Flying Colors

It’s that time of the year again; nervousness, stress, and anxiety fill up your household. Your child has exams and it is simply nerve wracking to all parties involved. You get mixed up between caring and empathizing, being strict and demanding study time. You realise your child should be studying and testing his knowledge for the exam coming up; instead, they are most probably wasting time on their smart devices.

You might be busy with work and chores, caring for your younger children, or basically don’t know what’s the best way to deal with your kid’s smart device addiction. Children might have a short attention span or simply don’t care about their school duties. You are aware that you need a plan to work this out. You might hire a private tutor to help your kid out with studying or revising. You might stress out about the matter and affect your child negatively. You might start being aggressive without noticing because you care about your child’s interest. Why should you go through all of that if there was a simple yet very efficient and accessible solution that pleases all parties?

It is about time to learn about Play.My.Way and how well designed it is to empower your daily parenting life. Play.My.Way is the smart, practical, and educational solution to children wasting too much time on their smart devices. At parent-specified intervals, the app will interrupt any running application with an educational question, and will only return to the app once the question is answered. Parents have complete control over the grade level (1-9), the subject (Language Arts, Math, and Science)and chapters , the time intervals, and other options. After a test is completed, parents can access a detailed report to see their child’s performance as well as strength and weakness points.

With Play.My.Way, you are in control! Your child is reviewing the same curriculum he has taken at school, taking quizzes, and having fun at the same time. Upon research, a huge number of children are visual learners which means that they learn best when they see visuals rather than read or write using paper and pen. They prefer interactive, imagery, and audio aids. Why should you do it the less preferred way and get lower results than doing it smoothly and get higher grades? In addition to all of that, you don’t even have to correct or check anything! All you have to do is choose the settings at your preference and view the report after the child finishes the exam you prepared for him!

As a result, your child would find himself playing the whole time and even when a question pops up to him, he would view it as dividing big chunks of studying into tiny pieces. You, at the same time, would be relieved to know that you are in control and that your child is actually studying. In addition to not needing any kind of follow up, a comprehensive report will be sent to you once your child is done. You will very soon start to notice your child’s rapid progress in no time! You can download Play.My.Way here: http://goo.gl/3sgtoV

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