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Play My Way to the Rescue!

Addicted to Screens:

Although internet addiction is yet to be a clinical disorder, we cannot deny the fact that it is becoming an epidemic among youngsters. Addiction aside, a much broader concern that begs awareness is the risk that screen time is creating subtle damage even in children with “regular” exposure, considering that the average child clocks in more than seven hours a day (Rideout 2010). Children are spending several hours using their devices to the extent where they would completely ignore offline communication, chores, and school duties. The internet usage and gaming have affected a dozen aspects when it comes to children of this generation. Hence, whether we like it or not, wasted screen time is causing the drifting of our children off track at accelerated speed.

Parents’ Agony:

Parents feel that every minute spent by their child on a screen is a waste. According to the Mercury News, 73 percent of parents think that their children have a major addiction problem. A 2015 survey of 1,000 British mothers of children aged 2 to 12 found that 85 percent of moms admit to using technology to keep the kids occupied while they get on with other activities, claims TechAdvisor. Parents either go through constant arguments with their children due to their excessive screen time usage, or completely leave it up to them and would feel guilty afterwards. Neither is an appropriate nor a long term solution.

Educational Apps Gaps:

A lot of parents have tried educational applications as a solution. Even though they are beneficial and important, they do have several gaps. First of all, they cover certain parts of the curriculum, but not all or even the majority of it. In addition to that, they strictly tackle only a couple types and styles of questions. Second, kids are a very tough audience, and it takes them less than a minute to judge if they like the app or not. So they might give it a try to get rid of their parents’ nagging. That leads us to another problem, which is parental control. Parents might be able to force their children to use a certain educational app, but admitting the fact that their child is tech savvy and is easily able to figure out some tricks to avoid or seem to be using it, hey won’t have the upper hand for long.

So relying on educational apps might work for a short while, and the child might obey his parents the first couple of times. Afterwards, either the parents get tired of having to stick to their stand, or the child rebels. That leads the parents to the reality that at the end of the day, they have minimal control over their children, and end up feeling guilty.

Win – Win Situation:1.png

If you are a parent, you should immediately get familiar with Play.My.Way! It is is the smart, practical, and educational solution to children wasting too much time on their smartphones and tablets. At parent-specified intervals, Play.My.Way will interrupt any running application with an educational question, and will only return to the app once the question is answered. Parents have complete control over the grade level (1-9), the subject (Language Arts, Math, and Science)and chapters , the time intervals, and other options. After a test is completed, parents can access a detailed report to see their child’s performance as well as strength and weakness points.

It is a revolutionary application that replaces educational, parental control, and quiz apps. It converts any running game into becoming an educational and fun app. It also grants complete power to parents. Play.My.Way provides parents with empowerment and satisfaction, knowing that their children would be studying the parents’ way rather than only wasting time on games and texting. At the same time, delivers fulfillment to children that their parents are allowing them to play on their devices. Ultimately, all ends are content for it is an exceptional solution to acquiring a win-win situation.



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