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Raising Confident Kids

Raising children is tricky. You don’t always know the right answer to the problem you’re facing. You start to ask people about what you should do. At the end of the day, you only do what you think is best for your child.  Hence, you should read thoroughly to know about such topics to know what the best practices are.

As a parent, you might feel helpless when you notice that your child has little confidence. Sometimes you go to pick up your child from school, and sense that another kid there isn’t particularly nice to your son or daughter. You start to boil up and feel the need to do something instantly to help your child. Well, we are going to share with you five secrets that you can work with to make sure you raise a confident child while you can sit back and be proud.

Help Them Set Goals

Children need to learn to set goals and work hard to accomplish them. You can get a big cardboard and list down milestones they can cross, like cleaning up parts of their bedroom, reading a story each day, and aiming at a certain rank at school for example . They will feel powerful and confident when they go through that process successfully with your guidance and help. Later on in their life, it would be easier to them to plan out what they want or need to do, be proud of themselves, and be dedicated at what they do.

Be Supportive and Encouragingshutterstock_500574781.jpg

Supporting your children boosts their self-esteem and makes them certain that they have someone to lean back on when they’re feeling down. Even their smallest accomplishments should be praised and emphasized on. That will make them focus on doing good rather than being noisy or rude to get attention. Use words that encourage them even when they did the simplest accomplishments like building something using blocks such as good boy! You should emphasize on phrases that express pride and trust like you can do it, I believe in you,you can be anything you want for it provides them with self worth and pride.

Let Them Make Their Own Decisions

Every individual is special in his own way. Your taste of clothes or food might be different than your children’s. Limit their choices and let them choose what they prefer to do if their choices are harmless, it builds their character. Try making them choose between two outfits instead of the whole closet. They have to have their portion of vegetables everyday, so you have to try to guide them towards the right direction. You should also allow them to make their own decisions and hold them accountable for them.

Resist the Urge to Be Their Savior

It is of a parent’s instinct to defend and rescue his or her children. As urging as it may be, you should resist it. Don’t run off to their coach and ask him for longer play time on your kid’s behalf. You neither should defend your children in front of their friends, let them stand up for themselves by teaching them what to say or do. Make them understand that life has ups and downs. It is okay to feel sad and assure them that you are their for them regardless. Help them deal with their emotions rather than taking action yourself. Doing that makes them independent and count on themselves when you’re not around.

Children See, Children Do

Children mimic their parents’ behavior whether it is appropriate or not. Make sure you always set a good example of a confident and independent person and they will start to follow your footsteps in no time. This concept prevails well through a video put together.
Parenting is one of the world’s most rewarding and challenging tasks. It is a huge responsibility that causes internal conflicts and joy at the same time. There are ups that make you feel proud and encouraged; on the other hand, there are downs that make you feel hopeless and guilty. What you need to know is that it is fine to feel inadequate as long as you are doing your very best.


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