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To Each His Own:

Each individual learns in a different way. A learning style is the person’s learning preference. Knowing about your child’s learning style has several advantages, it helps him learn more effectively, increase achievement and be more creative and productive. There are three main styles of learning which are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learning is when a person prefers using images, pictures, colors, and maps to comprehend and analyse data and communicate with others. Auditory learners are those who learn best through hearing things. A kinesthetic-tactile learning style requires that you manipulate or touch material to learn. Ignacio Estrada once said: “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”. You cannot expect all children to comprehend in the same learning style for each individual is unique. Awareness should be raised regarding this very important matter and parents and educators have to cater to each child’s learning needs. As 65 percent of the population is visual learners-according to Shift-images are clearly key to engaging people in eLearning courses.

Visual Stimulators:

According to the University of Illinois, “Only 10 percent of secondary students learn best auditorily, but 80 percent of instructional delivery is auditory.”  The Faculty Development at The University of Alabama at Birmingham stated that 65% of the population are visual learners. Hence, it only makes sense that we alter the auditory instructional delivery style present and try to mix all three kinds in an attempt to achieve uttermost success. Obviously, the highest percentage belongs to those who learn via visual stimulators. Educators have to integrate visuals in their classrooms and parents have to come to terms with such changes for the benefit of their own children. As a result, children would be able to achieve better learning. When they achieve better results, their morale will be boosted even higher. Consequently, they will be able to deal easily when dealing with dilemmas.

Taking Advantage:

 Upon research, we have reached the conclusion that there is no doubt that a huge percentage of children are addicted to smart devices. Since we acknowledge the fact that there is nothing to do to completely stop their addiction, you should consider manipulating it into what is beneficial. We thought that we should take advantage of their addiction in a way where we integrate learning into their addiction. Since there is a clear link between the statistics of visual learners and those of  smart device addictions, we came to an end that it would be ingenious and extremely convenient that we harmonize learning with addiction.shutterstock_569451841.jpg

Splendid Solution:

Till now, we have established the fact that each child learns in a different style and that the integration of visuals in the learning process is necessary. We also explained that we should optimize the addiction of smart devices. On that account, Play.My.Way is the outstanding solution for such a puzzle. Play.My.Way is an app that runs atop any other app, which allows parents to integrate educational content in a way which guarantees academic value is delivered, while their kids are playing on any smart device. It is designed to empower parents and teachers to control children’s smart device addiction. Therefore, the premium key to solving several issues in one is through Play.My.Way!

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