Home Sweet Home

Picky Eaters

What’s for Lunch?

Children eat practically anything as long as it isn’t healthy and just off the floor. You should realize that every child might spit out his food all over you at a certain time in his childhood. Still, there are some tricks you can work with to help you overcome this issue that usually causes parents a lot of stress.

Understand your child’s appetite

You need to respect that your child isn’t hungry sometimes. He shouldn’t get used to eating more than he can handle. Don’t try stuffing food down his throat because he simply would spit it out or throw up.  Give him time and space away from food items because forcing it might cause stronger rejection or become an impulsive eater.

Stick to the routine

Make it clear to your child when the meals’ timings are. Keep things consistent and regular so that with time, he wouldn’t find anything weird or different. He would start having expectations to what would happen at what time, which causes stability and maturity.

Be patient with new foods

Change isn’t much fun especially when it comes to food. Yes we do know that kids hate broccoli and they view it as their number one enemy. When you are trying to introduce new types or colors of food, you have to realize that your child will need time to accept and get used to them. Be creative and come up with various ways that make healthy food look appetizing to kids.  Train your kid to widen their taste buds slowly but surely. Changes should not be obvious. Patience  key moms!

Make it fun

There are loads of ways to make healthy food look fun and delicious. You can cut an apple into a semi-circle for example, get some peanut butter and paste it on the side, two small chocolate chips for the eyes, and some cucumber as grass. Children would enjoy eating such a meal because it should be visually stimulating, which usually helps a lot.


Ask for your child’s help

Write down a list and go grocery shopping with your kid. Buy some fruits and vegetables together. Let your child be a part of the washing and cutting process afterwards. Bake a cake afterwards, allow your child to measure the cup of flour. Keep it fun and simple.  Having quality time with your child over lunch would encourage him to actually eat when it’s lunch time without a two-hour tantrum.

With Time

After following those simple steps, you will start to realize how things are getting better. Your child will start enjoying his meals in no time, and you will feel satisfied for finding solutions for the problem you’re facing. Remember to be creative and keep it fun and joyful so both of you have a blast while at it!

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