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Instant Remorse:

Due to the challenging times we live in, a lot of parents are occupied most of the time, or avoid dealing with their children’s tantrums or rebelling; even worse, they might do both. The whole world is in a constant race with time for we are witnessing a digital era that we are obliged to keep up with constantly. The majority of parents nowadays tend to pacify their children with devices to get on with their work. Once the moment passes, parents fall into deep regret and pledge to change their reaction when their child is nagging or distracting. According to The Atlantic, new research suggests children are far exceeding the two-hour daily limit recommended by pediatricians. Nonetheless, parents are complying with their children’s requests for several reasons, and are aware of the multiple consequences to that kind of subjection. Bottom line is, parents go through direct self condemnation and try to figure out ways to change that harsh reality.

Future at Stake :

Dr. Douglas Gentile, Director of the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University reports, “Almost one out of every ten youth gamers shows enough symptoms of damage to their school, family, and psychological functioning to merit serious concern.” A proper education is the key to a fruitful future. All the gadgets our kids are getting addicted to might be influencing their ranks at school. A team from Cambridge University tracked the progress of 845 students between the ages of 14 and 16 and found that every extra hour spent in front of a screen reduced their scores by the equivalent of two percentage points. Those are quite startling statistics when considering that kids are spending much more than only one hour a day on screens. Education should be taken care of cautiously more than any previous time for the sake of our children and ensuring a bright future for them .

No Escape:

There is no doubt that technology is only becoming more essential in our daily lives. There is no running away from nor avoiding it or even what is related to it. Technology can be a great aid to help our children but that is only if we knew how to mentor them through it and provide clear guidelines and limitations; otherwise, we should expect the worst case scenarios. The more screen time children spend, the lower grades they obtain. That is because of one main reason , we still haven’t managed to put our kids on the right track  and teach them how to use technology for their own good, knowledge, and benefit.  All prior information mentioned calls for an immediate need for action. We should begin with the fact that we are stuck with technology and it is here to stay. Hence, we should figure out how to work around it in the aim of raising a better generation.

Both Worlds :

We have already come to terms with the fact that education cannot be replaced nor bargained for, and that technology is crucial. But education is both negatively and rapidly affected by the abuse of technology .Therefore, we had to find common ground that combines both, uniting the two diverse worlds into a band-aid called edutainment. For parents looking for it, you will only find it with Play.My.Way. It is an application that runs atop any other app, blocking the rest of the device, and the child has to answer a question. It owns the integration of education and technology with complete parental control. It is the ultimate solution for the painful reality we live in. Since we cannot stop technology from ruling, we considered that if we can’t beat them we might as well join them; you should as well.

Goodbye Guilt:

With the profound idea of Play.My.Way, kids would receive educational quizzing, still using technology via what has become an extension of their bodies – smart devices. With Play.My.Way, parents have supreme control, in a closer approach to children. Parents wouldn’t only stop feeling guilty, but they would feel proud and content with the aid of the application. When parents realize the importance of the app, they would start feeling better about their parenting; hence, their relationship with their children improves. Play.My.Way successfully addresses several aspects of the daily lives of parents and children. Whatever could a parent wish for other than that!


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