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Dealing with Kids’ Tantrums

Get me Out of Here

Have you ever been in a restaurant trying to act normal and your child starts spraying ketchup at the waiter while screaming and shouting? Have you ever wished you could just disappear when one of your kids start throwing a tantrum before everyone at your workplace would kill you with their stares? Has your kid ever made you feel that you’ve kidnapped him on the street in front of everyone?

If you’re a parent with children of ages one to four years old, then I send my condolences to you because you’re bound to be in a similar situation sooner or later. It is quite normal for a child at those ages especially what is called the “terrible two tantrum”. The name alone is enough to cause goose bumps..YIKES! Tantrums are what moms around the world dread! Hence it is a global problem that must be addressed and dealt with properly.

Alan Kazdin, PhD, author of The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child, says: “Once you’re in a situation where someone’s drowning, you can’t teach them to swim — and it’s the same with tantrums.”

Nonetheless, here are seven tips you can try that would hopefully limit the wildness of your child’s tantrums. Pay attention mommies!

  1. Ignore

One of the most successful ways to calm a child down or just maintain the tantrum at the same level it is at is by simply ignoring it. Once the child realises that you aren’t reacting to his behaviour or giving him what he wants because of his screaming and kicking, he would simply stop using that method to get what he wants.

      2. Hugs

Children at a young age lack verbal communication and tend to use signals to indicate what they want. It might very well frustrate them if they weren’t able to deliver their message and you didn’t understand what they want. So just try to understand their annoyance, give them a long and firm hug, and try to make them feel safe and cared for.

     3. Create a diversion(distraction)

Kids have very short attention spans and could get easily distracted. You are advised to keep small toys, crayons, or snacks in your bag to create a diversion for your child when he starts a tantrum. When they see a distraction, they would forget whatever they were holding a tantrum for, and get busy with what you presented to him. Whisper: This one usually works like magic!

     4.Speak Calmly

A low and soft voice can calm down a well grown man! Try talking calmly and gently showing compassion and empathy so that you sooth your child down. Once he is calm and quiet, it is then when you can communicate properly and clearly.

     5.Get Out of There

When all fails, you need to leave wherever you and your child are at.NOW. Just pick up your child and stuff and scram! Your child might simply be tired from staying away from home even if for one hour only. Take him home, give him a shower, and let him lay down on the couch. He will get over it once he feels relaxed and unwind

.Keep in mind that children throwing tantrums isn’t something to be concerned about and they usually stop on their own. As children grow up, they start gaining self control. They become able to communicate better, know their boundaries, and cope with frustration. That leads to less tantrums and happier parents!

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