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How to Deal with Children who Lie


When your child lies, it’s natural that you feel betrayed, hurt and frustrated. Then again, let’s face it: lying happens. It’s wrong, but it happens. Quite frankly, some of us have lied one time or another or might still do.

Set a Good Example

Your child observes you well and mimics your every move. You can read more about setting a good example for your child in this article. Make sure you yourself don’t lie to begin with and say the truth no matter what in front of your child. That goes for giving promises as well. Try your best to never break a promise you have given, if you’re not sure about being able to, don’t promise in the first place. Once your child learns that we do not lie no matter what, he will soon follow your steps.


This may be viewed as unrealistic at the beginning but keep the main target in mind as you go on with it. Some children, when confronted about telling a lie, become defensive. They tend to rely on discussing and justifying as manipulative ways to avoid being held accountable. This is rejected and should not be tolerated. When a child lies, s/he must immediately agree that what they did is wrong and apologize.

Be Proactive

Tell stories from your life or read stories to them that help them understand the consequences of lying. It is important that the child comprehends why lying is wrong and what it might lead to. On the other hand, make them value honesty and appreciate the truth. Help them relate between trust and honesty. It helps them build good judgment and self worth.

Occasional advising can come a long way. Emphasize on and remind your child of good ethics every once in awhile. Praise positive behaviors and explain why the negative behavior is wrong. Be patient with your child and always stick to the correct rules and morals so s/he do as well. Happy parenting!

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