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My Child Has No Friends

Sometimes, you might notice that your child has no friends at school or in the neighborhood, or s/he might simply tell you they don’t. Feeling sad about it is normal, but you shouldn’t stop at that since it won’t solve the problem. Friendship skills are important where they affect our social life and self confidence. If we have friends, it usually means that we’re liked and accepted. Hence, when you realize that your child doesn’t have any, you worry that s/he aren’t.

After being frustrated and helpless about it, shake it off, and notice that there are several steps you can take in an attempt to solve the problem. You can set up play dates with your fellow friends’ kids who are your child’s age. Both of your kids will find that they have each other to play or communicate with. Your child learns how to socialize, share, and be friendly. You may note that your child isn’t being friendly, isn’t sharing,  or hurting the other kids during the visit. First, you shouldn’t over react about it; after you leave, sit your child down and have a talk in a comfortable and calm environment.

Getting your child involved in activities with other kids that share the same interests is another thing you can try doing. If you find out that your child is into football for example, enroll him or her in a football club where s/he will meet other kids that like the same thing they do. That would most probably strengthen relationships with other kids there and result in a friendship bond sooner or later. Begin with yourself and your friends by setting a good example because modelling good friendship skills rubs off to your child and leaves a positive impact on how s/he behaves. Use a lot of kind words like please, thank you, and other positive words or phrases.

If your kid hates to leave the house and screams about not having friends like saying: “nobody loves me!” after trying all mentioned above, you should most probably seek help from a counselor about your child’s condition. Most importantly, always assure your child that s/he is much loved and cared for no matter what.

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