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Get Your Kid to Listen

Remember your adorable clingy child who not too long ago hung on to your every word and considered you his number-one mate? Well, things change and now s/he pretty much seems to have set a life goal to ignore and turn even the simplest requests like “Please put your shoes away” or  “turn off that tablet” into a mind numbing debate over and over and over again!

So to help all you irritated mommies out there with getting your kids to listen to you, here are some great tips you should consider trying:1. Say it With a Single Word

Don’t keep on repeating the same task over and over again. Make it a pattern that you will only state it once and only once! ONCE I said! Your child will eventually get used to you only asking one time rather than expecting that if he doesn’t do it from the tenth time, he’ll do it on the 100th since you’ll be repeating yourself for three consecutive hours!

2. Give Your Child a Choiceshutterstock_566824531.jpg

It is important that children get the sense that they have the choice and they are responsible for the decisions they make. By empowering your kid, they tend to gain the feeling of responsibility and freedom at the same time-which can and most probably will be very challenging! Tell your kids that they are responsible for their own decisions, “If you choose to stay up till late at night, you will have a hard time waking up early in the morning to go to school the next day”. It might make no difference the first couple of times; but after living through the consequences of their actions, they’ll come to realize that with your help and support, their decisions will hopefully improve over time.

3. State Your Expectations

Clearly express what you expect your child to do. Don’t give out hints or clues angrily to your child, but rather state what it is exactly that you expect him to do. “I expect you to have solved your math homework by the time I finish making dinner.” Scream free, direct, and straight to the point! Your child will then have a voice in the back of his head nagging -instead of you- to do as he is told. He might do it just to get rid of that nagging voice even if he doesn’t really want to.

Keep in mind that being a parent is the most difficult and demanding job on earth. It takes loads of patience, understanding, and care to be able to raise your child properly. Notice what triggers your child to listen to you and obey rather than only hearing and ignoring. Use friendly and communicative ways to reach your child and make him want to be obedient and do as told for his own good.

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