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How to Make School Mornings Easier

Do you ever feel that running around at 6 AM with random objects flying over your head with weird sounds popping up from everywhere like you’re in crazy town is part of your daily routine? Well, you must have a kid or more (usually more) who go to school five days a week. Fear no more! Here are some awesome tips which can help you skip all the drama before the sun comes up.

1.Be Strict About Sleep and start the night before.

Make sure bedtime is crystal clear to your kids and non-negotiable. Let them know the rituals; having a shower, brushing their teeth, and wearing their pajamas. You should go to bed yourself as early as possible to be able to function the next day. If you and your kids manage to do the following, the next morning should be a piece of cake:

Get enough sleep, prepare clothes to wear whether choosing or ironing for example, double check backpacks, books, and assignments, and prepare breakfast the night prior.

2. Carve out some “me” time.

Consider waking up before your children so you have time to relax, drink coffee, and review schedules or do whatever else you have to do for the day’s schedule. Having even a little bit of “me” time can make a morning feel calmer in the midst of hectic transitions to work and school.

3. Make wake-ups more pleasant.

How can you make early mornings less of an annoying awakening? Noisy and loud alarms can be irritating and start the morning off on the wrong side of the bed (especially for kids with sensory processing issues). Set your children’s alarm to play their favorite song instead. Rouse them with hugs and snuggles and their favorite drink. A more pleasant wake-up doesn’t mean it has to be longer – just calmer.

4. Follow a schedule.

Make every day is as predictable as you can. Try to follow the same schedule every day, the night before, and the morning following a school day. It may look something like this: Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, eat breakfast, get dressed, and leave for school.

5. Rely on clocks.shutterstock_564053368.jpg

Put easily visible clocks in your children’s room, the kitchen, and the hallway. Consider getting your child a watch. By making time more visible, you’re showing the importance of promptness and helping your children learn to manage time. Give concrete countdowns: “At 7:15, I need you to put your shoes on.”

6. Offer rewards for finishing early.

If your children were able to get ready in the morning ahead of time, commit to playing a quick game together or storytelling. Starting the day with family bonding and activities can get everyone off to a great start!

Having young children might feel overwhelming at times, but you must always remember that you are in control. Organize your daily tasks and turn them into a routine that your kids are well aware of and expect. Eventually, they would be helping the whole family have easier mornings and nights

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