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How to Raise a Decision Maker!

As a parent of a young child, there is a high possibility you have heard the phrases “I don’t know” or “Mommy, you choose” with sad droopy eyes full of uncertainty. If you are seeking to raise a child who is able to take decisions and be confident about it, then you need to read this article as we will guide you through certain steps to implement and help your child to be a wise decision maker.


Teach your child about the importance of decision making to begin with, then about how much prioritizing matters when it comes to taking decisions. So let’s say your child is panicking about what to have for breakfast and what to wear for the outing at the same time. Sit him down and explain that he needs to figure out which is more important at the time being and concentrate on that ONE thing for now. Emphasize that there are different levels of decision making to help ease his worry.


Discuss the pros and cons of the possible decisions. Put down what might happen in case of each decision taken. Peter L. Stavinoha, Ph.D., a child psychologist at Children’s Medical Center Dallas said: “Describe the pros and cons of each option, compare them with one another, and talk about anything else that will help you reach the decision”. For example, if your child wants to take all of his pocket money to school, point out that he might lose it, and he would be able to buy a lot of stuff, but then again he would have finished all his money and wouldn’t be able to buy anything else for the rest of the day. So if he decided to take it and lost it, I assure you he would reconsider taking the whole amount the next time.

LISTING AND NARROWING THE OPTIONSshutterstock_562290907.jpg

Narrow down the options to make your child’s life easier, having less options to choose from means less time and effort. So if you took him to the toy store for acing his report card, and he got lost there, ask him what type of toy he wants, then if he wants it to make sounds or more of a puzzle, and finish up with options of color and size. You will find that these steps will make the process faster and painless. Make it a habit so your child would wind up doing so by himself eventually.

After going through the steps, encourage your child to make his own decisions and to be confident about them. He would realise that he is capable of being decisive although it will take a lot of time and practice. Reassure him every once in awhile, and sooner or later he will get the hang of it all on his own!

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