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Quality Time with Your Children

Quality time is crucial for the parent – child relationship and cannot be underestimated. It affects your kid’s self esteem, emotional stability, and character building. You should make sure you consider quality time with your children as a priority, otherwise they will feel neglected and frustrated.

You might feel that you don’t have much time to spend with your kids due to work, in addition to the chores you have to do at home to maintain a well preserved household.

Your social life might be another reason you feel you don’t have much time to spare for your kids. You might be invited out to dinner or simply want to go out and mingle with friends. You would view this as a chance to break the daily routine you and your partner have been living with for years maybe. You might think it is inappropriate to reject the invitation and that people might feel you have become an outcast. So you do go out. Then you go through instant remorse about leaving your children at their grandparents’ or with a babysitter.

Another major cause which might be preventing you from spending time with your kid is your smart device addiction, whether it’s your laptop, iPad, or smartphone. You might be finishing documents, checking emails, or simply scrolling through your Facebook feed. After you child’s constant request for attention stops, you feel guilty about not paying attention even for a split second.shutterstock_533790568.jpg

There are several solutions for parents who understand the importance of quality time with their kids and want to improve their relationship with them. You can make a habit out of dropping your kids to and from school everyday. It will give you time to listen to their stories, problems, and adventures. You can plan out a schedule where you make sure you do fun activities for the whole family twice or thrice a week. That would strengthen the bond between the whole family members and bring you closer together.

Try setting a precise number of hours you spend on your phone then put it away. For example, decide to put your phone on silent mode and neglect your phone completely until your kids go to sleep. After that, you’re free to check your e-mails or chat with friends. Family always comes first!

Make sure you spend time with your kids and never underestimate what quality time can do. Even if time is passing by like crazy, once you understand its importance, you will make sure you maintain that.                                                               


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