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Science Experiments

We do realize that our blog is called Mom Savy and our main target is to empower mothers all over; however, we have to give credit to all the super fathers out there! One really cool dad would be Sergei Urban, who has been inspiring parents across the world through @TheDadLab on various social platforms.

Sergei  tapes videos of his children while performing completely safe and fun activities and experiments while guiding them. His children’s reactions are just heart warming! He says he is not a teacher nor scientist, he is just sharing his fatherhood journey with parents. In other words, parents can perform the same experiments with their children.

This is one f my favorite activities posted on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fortafyfans/videos/2071611506266514/, where one can see how his child is desperately trying to remember what object is missing after Sergei removes one of the objects in front of his boy after covering them.

On that note, we figured we would provide you with some interesting advantages to carry out science experiment with children. Here are some of the benefits of performing scientific activities with children according to Tic Tac Teach:

  1. Drawing and writing to conclude results.
  2. Talking about what you see, feel, taste, hear, smell and discover.
  3. Developing observational skills and identify changes and differences.
  4. Discuss the possibilities of what will happen in the experiment.
  5. Encouraging curiosity.
  6. Experimenting with the sequencing of steps to carry out the experiment.
  7. Using five senses.
  8. Problem solving.
  9. Exploring cause and effect through various materials.
  10. Developing an inquisitive mind.

Involving children in even the simplest activities or experiments can have a huge impact on their cognitive level. Sergei @thedadlab can surely provide you with great ideas and help you assist your child’s education and free time.


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