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13 Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids

 Is it just another rainy day or just a day off, the children are getting agitated, and you ran out of ideas for activities to keep them busy with? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here are 13 fun and simple activities to control that distress:

  1. Pencil-and-paper games: There are several quite simple games you can play with your children using a paper and a pencil. Some of the option you have are: hangman- dots and squares-tic-tac-toe. The instructions and rules for such games are clear and straightforward. They fill up your times with entertainment and giggles!
  2. Building: You aren’t in need of any fancy building set for this one. Building blocks, card towers, or towers made out of boxes, pillows, or sheets and blankets, will do just fine. If you want some extra flavor to it, suggest that whoever builds the highest fort wins.
  3. Puzzles: There are tons of pictures of puzzles to put together- hundreds! You can get whatever your child is into in any size and assemble the puzzle pieces. This activity enhances their physical skills , cognitive skills , and emotional skills.  
  4. Freeze!: Pick some of your children’s favorite chants and tunes . Ask them to dance and jump around until the songs stop. Every few seconds or so, pause the music and tell them that they have to freeze in whatever position they find themselves in – even if they have one leg up. Toddlers specifically go crazy playing this game—here are a few more to keep them busy.
  5. Board and family games: Those games are usually family friendly and safe to play. Chess, pie face, guess who, scrabble and many more can be easily purchased for a reasonable price. They tend to strengthen family bonds through having a great time.
  6. Hide and Seek: Old but gold! Hide and seek is probably one of the most famous games in the world. It is fun, exciting, and filled with surprises. Take into consideration your child’s age and how they perceive “hiding”; you might see your child behind curtains with his or her feet showing quite clearly!
  7. Treasure hunt: This one is mostly for you (don’t let your kids know that). You can use any object or food item for this activity, such as a sock or chocolate bar and hide it somewhere at home. Preferably, you should go with something that the winner gets as an award for finding the treasure. Don’t make it very difficult though, not too obvious nor boring.
  8. Simon Says: This one is classic. You can get them to do almost anything you want them to- hopefully! The game goes as follows for example: “ Simon says: sit still for one whole minute”, and start timing one minute. If you play your cards right, you might even get them to take a nap!
  9. Taste Testry: Prepare some simple food items in the kitchen without your children seeing them. After that; place a blindfold on their eyes, put some of the food in their mouth, and ask them to guess what type of food it is. You guys would be surprised from the results. It is loads of fun!
  10. Last Letter Game: Pretty simply, a child must state the name of any object they wish. The next child has to tell a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word, and so on. It keeps their brains active and working, they might even learn some new words along the way.
  11. Will it Float: Raid your kitchen drawers and a nearby toy basket for various items that are small enough to fit in a big plastic bowl. Ask your children to guess if each object would sink or float and then drop into the water. They will love guessing and will most probably take them all out and do it again.
  12. Gardening: Getting dirty and playing in the home yard can be quite healthy for your children. Let them spend some time outside, dig in the dirt, and learn about nature how things grow. Ask your child to help with gardening plants or vegetables, s/he can dig holes, place seeds, pulls weeds, or any other easy task. As your garden grows, you can tell them about what things are and how they are used.
  13. If you were tempted to give your kid their tablet or iPad make sure you install Play My Way app (available on the App store and Google Play). It pauses any game they decided to play ( every 5 min) to ask them an educational question. This way, you know if they played for an hour, they would review 12 curriculum based questions. You can select from grades 1 through 9 , three subjects: Math, English, and Science in addition to the chapter and skill you wish the app to ask your kid.

Whenever you feel you’re stuck and need some help, you are more than welcome to implement our suggestions and give them a try. You can confidently say goodbye to insane holidays at home with your children. We are waiting for you to leave your feedback and suggestions after trying the above activities.

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