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Get Your Kid to Listen

Remember your adorable clingy child who not too long ago hung on to your every word and considered you his number-one mate? Well, things change and now s/he pretty much seems to have set a life goal to ignore and turn even the simplest requests like “Please put your shoes away” or  “turn off that… Continue reading Get Your Kid to Listen

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Helping Children with Physical Aggression

 As a parent, it is quite scary to see your own child, whom you raised with all the love and care in the world, continuously hitting their friends with a toy car either jokingly or seriously. It is very normal to be terrified at the first glimpse of that scene. You feel that there is… Continue reading Helping Children with Physical Aggression

Arts & Crafts


Among the numerous challenges that parents face in handling children’s art skills, getting kids to practice is the most challenging of all. What’s more, parents and art teachers often resort to the failed tactics they remember from their own childhood in desperate attempts to motivate their kids to practice. A common example of this issue… Continue reading ARTS & KIDS

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My Child Has No Friends

Sometimes, you might notice that your child has no friends at school or in the neighborhood, or s/he might simply tell you they don’t. Feeling sad about it is normal, but you shouldn’t stop at that since it won’t solve the problem. Friendship skills are important where they affect our social life and self confidence.… Continue reading My Child Has No Friends

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How to Deal with Children who Lie

Ouch! When your child lies, it’s natural that you feel betrayed, hurt and frustrated. Then again, let’s face it: lying happens. It’s wrong, but it happens. Quite frankly, some of us have lied one time or another or might still do. Set a Good Example Your child observes you well and mimics your every move. You… Continue reading How to Deal with Children who Lie

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Show, Don’t Tell!

To Each His Own: Each individual learns in a different way. A learning style is the person’s learning preference. Knowing about your child’s learning style has several advantages, it helps him learn more effectively, increase achievement and be more creative and productive. There are three main styles of learning which are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.… Continue reading Show, Don’t Tell!