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The Monsters Under My Bed

I have a few monsters under my bed, and as per my conversations with many female professionals, I’m far from being the only one, in spite of the "I’m a woman, and I fear nothing." almost binding trend. I've always worked with dedication and passion. For years. I did despite all the hardship, the war… Continue reading The Monsters Under My Bed

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Parental Fears

Human beings tend to fear the things they can't control. Parents are especially impacted by this, especially when it comes to their children. Alfred Sacchetti, an emergency room doctor in Camden, New Jersey, and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, says it's common for parents to worry more about their child being abducted… Continue reading Parental Fears

Home Sweet Home

Helping Children with Physical Aggression

 As a parent, it is quite scary to see your own child, whom you raised with all the love and care in the world, continuously hitting their friends with a toy car either jokingly or seriously. It is very normal to be terrified at the first glimpse of that scene. You feel that there is… Continue reading Helping Children with Physical Aggression

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Marital Conflict

I DO: Marriage is a life commitment to a person in which two individuals pledge to stick together through good and bad. Every relationship with another human being is bound to face some misunderstandings and dilemmas especially if one was with another person the whole time. We have behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that change frequently.… Continue reading Marital Conflict