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How to develop Emotionally Intelligent Children

Feelings and emotions play a massive role in the life and development of our children from the moment they are born and all through their life. Unfortunately, this aspect has been ignored for too long especially in our part of the world. If a toddler throws a tantrum, it is directly associated with discipline. We… Continue reading How to develop Emotionally Intelligent Children

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Parental Fears

Human beings tend to fear the things they can't control. Parents are especially impacted by this, especially when it comes to their children. Alfred Sacchetti, an emergency room doctor in Camden, New Jersey, and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, says it's common for parents to worry more about their child being abducted… Continue reading Parental Fears

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Negotiations with Preschoolers

Because I Said So! “Mom! Please let me stay up till 12 AM!”, “Is it ok if I skip my shower today?”, “Why are you shouting at me for hitting my brother?!”. There are thousands of other examples of children’s questions that range from being obviously unacceptable to needing consideration to give permission. A lot… Continue reading Negotiations with Preschoolers

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My Child Has No Friends

Sometimes, you might notice that your child has no friends at school or in the neighborhood, or s/he might simply tell you they don’t. Feeling sad about it is normal, but you shouldn’t stop at that since it won’t solve the problem. Friendship skills are important where they affect our social life and self confidence.… Continue reading My Child Has No Friends

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Marital Conflict

I DO: Marriage is a life commitment to a person in which two individuals pledge to stick together through good and bad. Every relationship with another human being is bound to face some misunderstandings and dilemmas especially if one was with another person the whole time. We have behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that change frequently.… Continue reading Marital Conflict

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  What is Nomophobia? According to Scientific American, nomophobia(or,no-mobile-phone-phobia) is the feelings of anxiety or distress that some people experience when not having their phone (“I don’t know where my phone is!”) That being said, we cannot neglect the possibility that children who are constantly playing games on their smart devices might have some problem.… Continue reading No-mo-phobia

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Almost everyone was bullied at one point in life or the other. Parents’ biggest fear is that their child gets bullied without them knowing. Well now, due to the technology invasion we have been hit with, there is a new kind of bullying- E-bullying or cyber bullying. E-bullying-or cyber bullying-is the use of social media… Continue reading E-Bullying