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How to develop Emotionally Intelligent Children

Feelings and emotions play a massive role in the life and development of our children from the moment they are born and all through their life. Unfortunately, this aspect has been ignored for too long especially in our part of the world. If a toddler throws a tantrum, it is directly associated with discipline. We… Continue reading How to develop Emotionally Intelligent Children

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Parental Fears

Human beings tend to fear the things they can't control. Parents are especially impacted by this, especially when it comes to their children. Alfred Sacchetti, an emergency room doctor in Camden, New Jersey, and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians, says it's common for parents to worry more about their child being abducted… Continue reading Parental Fears

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Quality Time with Your Children

Quality time is crucial for the parent - child relationship and cannot be underestimated. It affects your kid’s self esteem, emotional stability, and character building. You should make sure you consider quality time with your children as a priority, otherwise they will feel neglected and frustrated. You might feel that you don’t have much time… Continue reading Quality Time with Your Children

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Negotiations with Preschoolers

Because I Said So! “Mom! Please let me stay up till 12 AM!”, “Is it ok if I skip my shower today?”, “Why are you shouting at me for hitting my brother?!”. There are thousands of other examples of children’s questions that range from being obviously unacceptable to needing consideration to give permission. A lot… Continue reading Negotiations with Preschoolers

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How to Raise a Decision Maker!

As a parent of a young child, there is a high possibility you have heard the phrases “I don't know” or “Mommy, you choose” with sad droopy eyes full of uncertainty. If you are seeking to raise a child who is able to take decisions and be confident about it, then you need to read… Continue reading How to Raise a Decision Maker!

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Get Your Kid to Listen

Remember your adorable clingy child who not too long ago hung on to your every word and considered you his number-one mate? Well, things change and now s/he pretty much seems to have set a life goal to ignore and turn even the simplest requests like “Please put your shoes away” or  “turn off that… Continue reading Get Your Kid to Listen

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How to Deal with Children who Lie

Ouch! When your child lies, it’s natural that you feel betrayed, hurt and frustrated. Then again, let’s face it: lying happens. It’s wrong, but it happens. Quite frankly, some of us have lied one time or another or might still do. Set a Good Example Your child observes you well and mimics your every move. You… Continue reading How to Deal with Children who Lie

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Show, Don’t Tell!

To Each His Own: Each individual learns in a different way. A learning style is the person’s learning preference. Knowing about your child’s learning style has several advantages, it helps him learn more effectively, increase achievement and be more creative and productive. There are three main styles of learning which are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.… Continue reading Show, Don’t Tell!